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Mike, Cesar, and Team,
We installed your antenna covers yesterday at the Catamaran Hotel, and the quality was nothing short of Amazing. Thanks for that !! Sure makes our job easy when we can depend on the talent and efforts of Hood Manufacturing. Another job Well Done !! Hood Manufacturing is certainly a symbol of Excellence.

Chris - Construction Manager, Broken Arrow Communications

The people at Hood really understand how to make Cell Screens right. When I need a project done fast I know Cesar will have it ready when he says.

Chuck Stiles, Partner - J O Stiles Company

I am so busy I don’t have time to make new patterns. Mike took the time to visit my shop and listen to what I wanted to do. He then went back and got the job done. Problem solved.

Russ Rodriguez, Owner - Fibersteel

We tried to buy our Three Meter Sphere in China, but they couldn’t make it round. Hood built the part in six pieces, and then they helped us improve the assembly of the segments. It’s hard to imagine why we didn’t buy American to begin with.

Eric Szumiesz, Mechanical Design Engineer - Labsphere

I could not get my last supplier to return my calls or keep his promises. What a difference since I started buying from Hood. We pay more, but the peace of mind is worth every penny.

Michael Berk, Principal - Luxe Golf Carts

On time deliveries of over 98% with an overall vendor score of +90%, I can always trust Hood to respond.”

Ben Resendez, Purchasing - Cambro Manufacturing