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What About Green?

We have thought a lot about what is required of each of us to be considered environmentally responsible. In this industry especially, it is extremely difficult to be perceived as environmentally friendly since we use plastics as the primary building block of your product. Polyester is often chosen because of its ease of processing and cost, making it a high value choice. But because of the chemistry and some of the processes, the material does emit VOCs. Whenever possible we guide you to recycled content resins or materials made using sustainable resources. You will be given the option of processes that are friendly to the planet. We will explain the manufacturing options.

HMI has worked hard to reduce emission by choosing to use only the lowest monomer content material while still meeting the customer’s requirements. We provide places for our employees to recycle batteries, glass, copper, aluminum, and Freon. Our waste gel-coat is incorporated into our planter line. We recycle our acetone cleaning solvent. We have reduced our power consumption by changing to a low consuming lighting system and even shut off those lights when not in use (during breaks). Low flush toilet and self shut off water faucets are used in the plant. We use water scrubbing filtration system on the gel-coating booth to more fully clean the air. This eliminates the need to have filter media being dumped into landfills. Hood Manufacturing was one of the first fabricators to use non-atomized spray application of resin. These high transfer efficient applicators significantly reduce air emissions. An even better molding process is close molding. HMI offers all three type of close molding currently found in use today.