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Insulated and refrigerated van systems for Chevy/GMC, Ford, Chrysler, Sprinter, and Nissan. Our insulation features Urethane foam protected with our molded fiberglass interior.

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The Chandler Company has been around since the early ‘80s providing quality manufactured fiberglass planters for freestanding and built-in applications. With nearly two acres of manufacturing space, we....

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HMI specializes in both spray-up and resin transfer molded fiberglass parts for the commercial industry. Established in 1947 HMI incorporated in 1968 and has been meeting the fiberglass needs

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Industries Served include:

Architectural, Building, Industrial Components, Vehicle Parts and Recreational Markets

  • Planters, Planter Liners
  • Columns, Domes, Spheres
  • Fountains, Awnings
  • Automatic Teller Machines
  • Kiosks, Seating, Booths
  • Fountain Reservoirs
  • Pump Rooms
  • Cell Phone Panels, Screens
  • Specialty Machine Covers
  • Hot Rod Bodies
  • Belt Covers and Guards
  • Aquatic Filter Systems
  • Aquatic Water Cabinets, Sinks
  • Vaults, Vending Displays
  • Custom Carts, Koi Ponds & Filters
  • Trash Can Lids & Cans
  • Planter Saucers, Deli Stands
  • Produce Display Gondolas
  • Food Condensation Trays
  • Electric Car Cabs, Tram Roofs

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We Take The Time To Listen

We are the supplier you want because we take the time to listen. It is necessary to understand your problems and business before we can offer solutions that make sense. HMI can build complex fiberglass shapes from your plans or concepts. Since the early 1960’s we have been finding answers to our customer’s question. That experience gives us the confidence to say we can do the same for you. We are one of the larger custom molders in Southern California. Economies of scale allow us to pass those saving to our customers.

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Hood Manufacturing (HMI) was established in 1947 and incorporated in 1968.

HMI is a fiberglass job shop specializes in fiberglass spray-up molding, fiberglass hand lay-up molding, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM), Vacuum Bag Molding, and Casting Polyester Resin. In addition to these molding systems we offer in house fabrication of patterns, models, plugs, plaster molds as well as fiberglass and epoxy molds. Services provided include, design assistance, value engineering, shop drawings, assembly of components, jig and fixture building, custom production of your products, and shipping.

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